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Football Goal

[postlink][/postlink][starttext]Funny Youtube Videos List | Funny Video Compilation: Football GoalFunny youtube videos list starts out with a military man passing a football to a beautiful girl. The military man was an officer in charge in a border. When a car wanted to pass by the border the officer stopped the guy asked him to let the pregnant beautiful girl ride with him in the car to the next border. The officer in the other border was spying on them using binaculars. When the car arrived on the next border the officer there asked them to get out of the car and searched the entire car. Not being able to find anything he let them pass. The officer in the other border called his call and then shouted goal. when he looked at the car the pregnant girl was already outside the car and made her dress loose so the football can fall down the ground. LOL this was one funny and interesting clip. Football Goal in the border. Watch more Funny Youtube Videos List | Funny Video Compilation here


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